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Specializing in pain management, sports injury, and relaxation

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Griselda Sanchez has been practicing Massage Therapy since graduating From National Holistic Institute in 2007 and has worked in several different locations before starting her own business. NHI is one of the most respected Massage Therapy schools in California. Griselda trained in several Massage Modalities as well as Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Pathology, where she got a better understanding of the body.  Griselda also had the chance to experience hands on work during her training performing Massage during the student clinic.

An injury in the family as a child lead me to Massage Therapy. I was fascinated by the fact that you can help someone with their pain with just your hands. I still love a clients reaction when they notice the difference in their own body after a Massage. It is important to me as the Owner and Massage Therapist to build a relationship will all my clients to learn exactly what their needs are and what they look for in the Massage. Having this relationship with the client allows them to be honest with their health history (which is very important to be aware of before performing a Massage) to accommodate their needs and avoid certain stretches, movements, or techniques that may not be right for them. -Griselda Sanchez