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Specializing in pain management, sports injury, and relaxation


Quotes Griselda is the best! She helps me with migraine prevention, stress relief & most recently assisting with post operative recovery. If you are looking for a massage to relax & heal, she is the therapist that will help you do both. Quotes
Yvonne Fox
Relax & Heal

Quotes Griselda is a very professional and wonderful therapist. After struggling with injuries for over a year I committed to massage therapy with Griselda twice a month and ever since then I've been getting better. I sleep better at night, have pain relief for longer periods of time and I believe I'm finally healing! Quotes
court reporter

Quotes Griselda, My husband and I would like to thank you for your wonderful service you provide. My husband has a very demanding job both physically and mentally so I appreciate you assisting in helping him relax to start his weekend. Chair Massage was the perfect answer to his problems, he has little time and you have made it extremely convenient to make this work for him. I value your professionalism and your dedication to your clients. Thanks to your wonderful service I am able to enjoy the time I have with my husband with him being more relaxed and tension free. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to him being able to receive Chair Massage from you on a weekly or biweekly bases. My husband and I would highly recommend you to others and especially others who have multiple time restrictions. You make taking care of your mind and body achievable. Thanks again, Brandon & Katie Renninger West Coast LED Quotes
Brandon & Katie Renninger

Quotes Griselda has been massaging me for years. She has healed my body from stress, a car accident and pregnancy. Windsors Massage is so welcoming and relaxing, it's a nice 2 hour getaway when I get the chance to go. Quotes
V. Elliott
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I am a Massage and Spa fiend and have gone all over the world and am thrilled to find Griselda right down the road. She is really the best! Quotes
Susan Pruett