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Body Treatments

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Herbal Facials 

 Choose from our amazing Herbal Facials that is best for your skin type. Whether its acne, dry skin, oily skin or just want a deep cleansing to the skin, these non harsh chemical products will leave your skin looking radiant.

                   45min $60               1Hour $75









Foot Reflexology                             

Foot reflexology is a form of Therapeutic Massage which connects parts of the body with parts of the foot and stimulate organ systems in the body.

                  45min $55             1Hour $65

Foot Treatment

 A soaking with a nice aroma is always a nice treat for tired feet that need pampering after a long day but when you pair with a nice paraffin and foot Massage, your feet will be in heaven.

              45min $55               1Hour $65




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